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Use the following instructions to get MD-ScoreBoard for Free for a limited time.

On iPhone / iPad

Open the App Store Tap Featured and scroll to the bottom Tap Redeem and enter your credentials Enter the code FAA44TPJALFH. If the code does not work, then it has expired.

What is MD-ScoreBoard?

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MD-Scoreboard (Multiple Device ScoreBoard) is a remote control scoreboard app that allows you to display your score on one or more devices and remote control it from one or more devices. All you have to do is sign in on all your devices, and your score syncs in real time! For example, you can control the score from your iPhone/iPod Touch, and see it update on your iPad or vice versa. You can use as many devices as you need to control the score and display it. Here are some possible configurations:

• Controlling the score from your iPhone, and displaying it on your iPad when playing Table Tennis.

• Using it at a judging panel, in which each judge controls the score from an iphone, and the score updates automatically on an iPad which is mirrored to a TV.

• Controlling the score from an iPhone and mirroring the iPhone onto an Apple TV

•Many more useful configurations.

MD-Scoreboard has an all-new design and is now more secure than ever.

The set-up process is very simple, no Bluetooth or Pairing needed, all you need is an iOS device (MD-Scoreboard supports all devices iOS 9.0 and above), and an internet connection, and the app will work like magic!

Current Features:

• Show the score on multiple devices

•Control the score from multiple devices

•Change the team name

•Scores are stored on database and will sync when connected to internet

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