Life of Pi Excerpt

“Events and traits can allow for survival in even the most improbable circumstances.“ This is a central theme that is present throughout the Life of Pi excerpt. Pi’s determination and rational behavior, combined with the arrival of flying fish were major factors in Pi’s survival as he faced almost impossible circumstances. If Pi had not […]

Innovations and Privacy

XALTING VIDEO PLAYERPlease view the video belowCreated by Rayaan S. | Sun, Sep 13, 2020 Video Details:© Rayaan Siddiqui 2020All images were created either by Rayaan Siddiqui or were found on, a no-attribution-needed free photo site.CLASS: AP Computer Science Prin.PD: 4BSHARING: This work cannot be shared without express written permission from Rayaan S. Note: […]

Nam rutrum pellentesque euismod

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