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Our new web portal at allows you to start/stop streaming on your iOS kiosk running SimpleStream from anywhere.


Use ANY IP Camera to stream your events LIVE to YouTube, FaceBook, ReStream, or any other RTMP destination—right from your iOS device.


Works with all ip cameras

SimpleStream supports them all—from the twenty-dollar home security camera you bought to watch your cat—all the way to the six thousand dollar camera in the conference room of the office. Although all IP cameras support the RTSP protocol, not all of them support the RTMP protocol which is used by most streaming destinations. SimpleStream bridges that gap, giving you new life into your old cameras

Built-in rtsp viewer

Like other Xalting-built streaming solutions, SimpleStream features a built-in RTSP viewer to allow you to view and hear your camera's feed before, during, and after your stream—eliminating the need to fire up the VLC viewer on your computer.

no need to restart your camera

Even if your camera supports streaming to an RTMP destination (such as YouTube, FaceBook, or Restream), chances are you have to restart your camera for the stream to begin. No more of that—simply tap the start button on the SimpleStream app and your camera will be live in seconds!

Super simple setup and best-in-class support

Just like all our other apps, SimpleStream is super-simple to setup and we reply super-quick to support requests and emails. Have a question? Email and we'll respond ASAP.

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