WearYourMask is an iOS app that reminds you to wear a mask when you leave home. Download the app here!
App landing page site: https://wearyourmask.xalting.com/

The App is not working for me, what should I do?
Make sure location access for the app is set to always.
Go to Settings, Scroll down (or search for) WearYourMask, and set “Location” to always. Also, make sure that “Background App Refresh” is enabled. The app needs your location to know when you leave home, however your location is never sent outside the app.

Make sure notifications are enabled
Notifications are how the app notifies you!

Make sure the app is running in the background.
If you are not getting notified by the app, try keeping the app running in the background. The app sends a notification every morning to remind you to leave it running.

Make sure your device is not in low power mode.
Your device may block WearYourMask when your device is in low power mode to conserve energy. Make sure your device is not in low power mode.

Not Working, contact support.
If the app is not working, contact info@xalting.com. For a quicker response, contact the developer of the app at Rayaan.Siddiqui@xalting.com.

Does this app use my data in any form?
Check our privacy policy for more information on this.

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